The Blue Island Pools story is simple! Like other entrepreneurial minded people, Blue Island Pools founder, John Restrepo always look for a way to make a living and make the things around him better. Our founder and the origins of the Blue Island Pools name all start a from a passion for hard work and seeing opportunity where others might not look twice.


Selling poolside games, above ground pools and a very small amount of simple inground pools. Our founder’s entrance into the swimming pool business is as organic as it can come. There was no prior experience working for another pool company nor was there any extensive background in the industry. Would you expect any more from a born entrepreneur? With a commitment to do things right and being a partner in creating fun for families in their own yard – Blue Island Pools brand began to take shape.

The focus of Blue Island Pools quickly became swimming pool installations as the years passed. began to assemble the groundwork of the company that we see today. Our brand may be best known today for building award winning backyards with a focus on providing an experience that is second to none. But one thing still remains the same. That is that hard work and a passion for making things better can never be forgotten or underestimated.

Today, John provide the guidance and leadership to an amazing team of people that continue to measure happiness “one yard at a time.” Even after building thousands of swimming pools , New York and South Carolina, we always remind ourselves that our history helps shape who we are and we never stop asking our clients what we could be doing better. That is the Blue Island Pools difference!

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